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Reshma malayalam (mallu) actress

# Reshma is one of the leading actresses of malayalam industry and she ranks second among all the top searched malayalam actresses (petly called mallu babes).She is next to none other than shakeela the most searched actress of south india.(top searched mallu girl)

# Reshma is gettin chances in all the major filmlands of south india.She has already acted in Malayalam ,tamil and telugu movies . She is famous as she is cute than her competitors and not even fatty.

# Even though Reshma's movies are for the matured ones she is ahead of other leading malayalam actresses and tv stars like kavya madhavan, bhavana navya , shakeela , padmapriya , shobana , reshma , mariya , thara kalyan ,jayabharathy , seema , remya nambeesan , alakananda, kaveri , shalini , vani vishwanath , beena antony , sandhra, parvathy , vimala raman,they infact had tough competiton with reshma in past.

# She has acted in more than 25 movies including her movies in other languages than malayalam,and the number is still growing.

# Reshma's movie chilakamma with shakeela was a hit. Reshma shakeela pair became famous after that movie.

# Some of the better videos of reshma are uploded by the fans to youtube.To view her videos that are uploaded to youtube search reshma in google. Even metacafe will be a better choice. There are some other major sites like which have reshma's videos , for family safe videos youtube is preferable as it has family filter.

# She doesn't have any proper fan page or site.Top site in her name like and reshma4u are not written about her.If you know any descent fan page of reshma then feel free to comment the link to that site.

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